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What’s Top of Mind for Front Row? Carbon-Negativity.

We’re proud to join an exclusive list of carbon-negative blockchain platforms and we’re committed to minimizing our carbon footprint.

It’s wild to believe that just a few weeks ago we launched Front Row,  becoming the world’s first-ever political NFT marketplace. Our core founding team—Parker Butterworth, Orrin Evans, Brandon Hall, and C’pher Gresham—started Front Row knowing that NFTs would augment the future of political fundraising and we’re excited to watch the platform prompt more engagement with new audiences.

Front Row’s successful launch was exciting, but lost in the excitement was our ability to launch an NFT marketplace that joined an exclusive list of carbon-negative blockchain platforms. From the start, we have prioritized the minimization of our carbon footprint and we are taking a different approach to NFTs—one rooted in environmental consciousness.

When an NFT is sold on Front Row, a portion of proceeds is donated to carbon sequestration projects at a carbon-negative rate. To shine more transparency onto our carbon sequestration efforts, we’ve partnered with Patch, an API-based solution that enables companies to embed carbon footprint estimation and removal directly into their digital products and experiences. The trusted third-party partnership provides Front Row with operational organization when accounting for its carbon footprint and serves as a conduit to the carbon removal marketplace.

“We are excited to partner with Front Row to enable the delivery of carbon neutral NFTs while helping to fund the development of new nature-based carbon removal technologies,” said Brennan Spellacy, co-founder and CEO of Patch. “Front Row is setting the example for how to bring transparency and accountability to the delivery of NFTs that have a net zero impact on the environment.”

The impact of our partnership with Patch was seen at our official launch in partnership with the Texas Democratic Party. The NFTs sold supported the party’s priority of protecting voting and abortion rights and while a portion of the sales was donated to Running Tide Kelp Sequestration, a project that develops new technologies to accelerate and scale the naturally restorative benefits of shellfish and kelp.

The reality is blockchain technology has a long way to go before it’s considered environmentally friendly. That’s why Front Row built our platform on the most environmentally conscious mainstream blockchain solution on the market, Polygon. Using a proof of stake sidechain to the Ethereum blockchain dramatically reduces our carbon footprint and enables us to remain true to our values and the values of those who will benefit from Front Row. Emitting less carbon will always be better than offsetting it, and we’re committed to both approaches.

Verifiability and transparency are essential core values of Front Row and our proactive efforts in minimizing our carbon footprint give the NFT community the chance to become owners of digital political moments, fund progressive causes, while also doing more for the environment.

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